White Avens

Scientific name: Geum canadense

This is a volunteer. It’s growing happily in a semi-shaded spot in the back yard. I was almost sure it was another invasive or non-native that the previous homeowner planted (or was planted by the birds).

Tip: You can identify it much better when the first leaves start growing in spring – it forms a rosette of striking dark green leaves that hug the ground. My image below doesn’t do it justice because I photographed it in the later stages when it starts to look like a lot of other plants to the novice (like myself).

I would suggest visiting this site to read more about them, and to see a much clearer picture of the basal formation: https://anps.org/2016/01/15/know-your-natives-white-avens/

White Avens
See the darker basal leaves underneath.

I’ve seen more of them around the forest – and really excited that one decided our yard was the perfect place to live. I hope it spreads, and crowds out some of the False Strawberry we have.


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