Scientific name: Salix sericea

This plant has a very high wildlife value (similar in value to oak trees). I’ve only had it in the ground for about 3 years and it always provides me with something exciting to watch (even when it’s not being visited by wildlife). In the wind, the willow-shaped leaves shimmer as it waves to me from the back yard.

Key features:

  • high wildlife value
  • fast growing
  • small tree (or large bush) – only grows to about 12 feet max
  • likes (loves) wet soils – it will thrive in a raingarden
  • grows well in clay, sand, loam soils
  • ranges from full sun to full shade!
  • waves at you from your yard

We are, unfortunately at the Southern end of its range. Hopefully it will hold out for a little while in our changing climate.


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