Scientific name: Pinus rigida

We planted this baby pitch pine, and then relocated it to a place where it will have more sun. I’m really excited about this one, though, I wasn’t expecting to see the magic happen until much later in (my) life. As a mature tree, its branches twist and bend, and it is suppose to look really great in the yard.

I read conflicting things about the speed of growth. Pines tend to grow fast, but there are a couple of exceptions, and this may be one of them from what I’ve researched. We will find out. For now, I’ll have to settle for some red headed sawfly action.

These little guys are also native, but completely defoliated a couple of branches. I think the pine will be okay, though because there is some new growth at the ends. After struggling with this moral dilemma, I ended up shaking some of them off to give the small tree a chance. I hypothesize that there might be a lack of food for sawflies in the area, and since they are very common, I look forward to their return next year.


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